Investigative Services

Unfortunately in today’s society, there will be situations that require efforts over and above your current security program.  With the 5280 Group as your partner, you will have access to the resources you need to keep your artist and their families safe.  Our investigators can help your organization with pre-employment and continuing employment background checks, corporate vendor and supplier research and any other area of that might be of concern.  We can immediately deploy investigative and surveillance personnel in any state in the country.  5280 investigators have the experience to evaluate all of the information and design the most effective course of action.  Your 5280 Project Manager has direct access to our investigative personnel and will react quickly and with purpose.  All of the members of the team are 5280 employees – enabling them to operate in an environment that meticulously examines the individual(s) of concern helping to design the best possible course of protection.  5280 can also provide additional Personal Protection, long or short term as necessary.  This allows your organization to adjust to current needs in the most economical way possible.   

Monetary losses due to lax hiring practices and related employee theft are estimated to be $31 billion annually in the United States. A smaller portion of this can be attributed to clerical error and vendor fraud, but the largest piece (48.5%) is the result of theft by someone working inside the organization.  The 5280 Group’s investigators are well versed in asset protection and have the knowledge to protect you and your artist from this activity.  Given the ramification associated with not knowing exactly who is working for you, a little time spent upfront pays large dividends looking forward. Our investigators can provide the structure needed to limit your exposure and provide you piece of mind.

Private Investigative Services