Venue Specialist

We feel this area to be the foundation of a comprehensive tour protection program.  Often the “close personal” protection garners the attention of touring artists and managers initially, but a professional venue specialist creates an environment that lessens possible threats in advance.  We strive to recruit and train the best and most experienced individuals for this position.  It is our belief that a sharp mind and a structured approach are the most important aspects of a Venue Specialist.  Our employment standards are the highest in the industry and only a select few of potential applicants are considered.  We employ individuals that come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences within the security industry and other closely related fields. Every 5280 Venue Specialist has extensive experience in every imaginable type of event and venue.  All of our Team Leads and many of our staff have participated in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security training programs for first responders.  This curriculum includes coursework in Prevention and Response to Suicide Bombing Incidents, Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings and Terrorism Awareness, Protecting Soft Targets. A number of 5280 managers are certified trainers and can provide appropriate seminars for entire touring crews.  Our staff is organized, focused and committed to being the most professional group available in today’s security environment.  The specialized skills that the 5280 Group has to offer are truly unique. We feel confident that there is not another alternative that can provide a more comprehensive program than ours.

Our personnel always enter a new venue or other public situation with advance information.  We believe pre-planning and prior knowledge are keys to creating a safe environment. To that end, we have developed an extensive knowledge base of many venues world wide. In addition to all of the venues, 5280 also catalogues the physical layouts of many of the most used hotels and other ancillary locales in major cities.  A 5280 Venue Specialist will perform a comprehensive advance investigation of any venue or site to include a review of; proposed venue staffing plan, cost estimates if appropriate, public safety personal deployments, and most importantly, emergency and evacuation plans.  5280 personnel take an active role and work with local venue staff to guarantee a smooth integration of your tour and all other functional areas.  Our staff has earned the respect of many of the national venues and these relationships provide a stable and predictable environment for your artist.  5280 personnel understand the challenges presented in certain environments and there is rarely a situation that we have not already successfully navigated.  With 5280 you can rest assured that your organization is in Professional, Experienced, and Discreet hands.

5280 Entertainment Security