Zac Brown Band

I first became aware of the 5280 Group in the summer of 2010 when we were opening up for the Dave Matthews Band. I saw the rolls they filled with DMB and saw an immediate potential benefit to our camp. We hired Jason Kuhl via the 5280 Group soon after this. Jason acts as a consistent conduit between the tour and the venue so that the tour feels at home everyday.

When an artist reaches a certain level, it requires a high standard of consistency, service, and pre-planning in order to perform at the highest level possible. Jason communicates with the venue and makes them adhere to a standard that allows us to operate at peak efficiency and allows the rest of us to go about our business in a normal manner.

It is a great comfort knowing that even though the venue changes every day we will have everything we need because of Jason’s effort.

Paul Chanon, Tour Manager, Zac Brown Band